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Candlewood lake puts up a fight!!!

Well 15 members showed up to battle the unseasonably cold May temps. 30 degrees in the morning and only reaching the low to mid 60’s in the afternoon. Water temps over the 2 days ranged from 54-60 degrees.

After day 1 rookie member Mike Swick had a good bag and a small lead, coming to the scale with over 16lbs of Candlewood largemouth, which included a 4.68 green monster. But Tyler and Mike Wilk found a good school of smallies that would put them in striking distance.

Mike Wilk came to the scale with 15.36lbs of brown beasts, with 1 bronze giant at 4.69lbs.

Mike Pfancook was almost 3lbs out of the lead with 13.70.

Day 2 proved to be a little tougher for some, the smallmouth the Wilks were on, gone.

Swick managed to put 4 in the box.

Mike Pfancook had a late 1st day and early 2nd day crankbait bite that died off, then he switched to a wacky rigged senko and managed to fill a late day limit that proved to be just enough to edge out Mike Swick for the win